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Applying HACCP Principles For The Food Service Industry

Applying HACCP Principles For The Food Service Industry™

Enroll in the HACCP Training course for managers here and start training online right away. When complete, you will get a HACCP Alliance approved Certficate. Recognized by the ACF for 10.5 CEU hours- now only $124.95 plus shipping and handling per mailing.

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What students learn:

  • How to identify critical safety issues involved in handling, preparing and serving safe food.
  • An understanding of current HACCP methodology
  • How to develop record keeping and verification methods to implement and maintain a HACCP guideline plan.

Hazard Anlysis and Critical Control Points

Freezer Thermometer Food Safety RangeHACCP for retail and food establishments as adopted by the US FDA. HACCP began as one of many voluntary food safety codes and recommendations established by the Codex Alimentarius Commision of the Food and Agriculture Origanization (FAO/WHO) of the United Nations. HACCP training is recognized as the most efficient way to ensure the safety of food products. This course follows the classic approach to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and covers the scientific basis and methodology of HACCP. 

When you complete our HACCP Online Course you will receive a Certificate of completion with the official seal of the International HACCP Alliance. Be certain any course you consider taking will issue a certificate the internationally recognized HACCP Alliance seal.

HACCP is recognized as the most efficient way to ensure the safety of food products. HACCP Training from Education Programs will ensure your ability to provide due diligence for food safety principles in your establishment.

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