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Parenting Plans Help Reduce Conflict

How A Parenting Plan Reduces Conflict

Written by Denise Baier, LMHC Tags: Parenting plans, Reduce conflict, Childhood, Divorce May 02, 2019 Hits: 64

Learn how setting up a Parenting Plan and remaining flexible can reduce conflict in your child's life.

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Helping A Child Adjust Time For Children

How To Help Children Adjust To Two Homes

Written by Denise Baier, LMHC Tags: Child Time, Parenting Time, Co-Parenting, Two Homes, Parenting Schedules, Flexibility Apr 24, 2019 Hits: 267

For children with two homes, how do you answer when they ask: "Where is *my* house?"

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Man and woman sitting on bench after argument

How To Explain End Of Relationship Anger To Your Children

Written by Denise Baier, LMHC Tags: Divorce, Separation and Divorce, Parenting and Divorce, Coping Skills Apr 22, 2019 Hits: 495

Explore how you should respond when your child says something like: “Daddy, why doesn't Mommy like you?"

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Girl shouting at man

How To Avoid Anger & Focus On Solutions While Co Parenting

Written by Denise Baier, LMHC Tags: Focus, Reaction, Solutions, Co-Parenting Apr 15, 2019 Hits: 413

How to avoid anger and focus on solutions with your co parent for divorcing or never married parents

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