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Glo Germ Powder 1.9 ounce Refill

Glo Germ Powder- 1.9 ounce refill (bottle styles may vary from image) Buy two or more and save 5% $16.50 $15.67

Replenish your Glow Germ Kit with the 1.9 ounce bottle of Glo Germ Powder. This Powder shows up brilliant white under UV light. Each bottle is good for many demonstrations showing proper surface cleaning as well as the spread of germs, especially in the area of cross-contamination. Very economical as only a very small amount of powder is used each time.

Simply apply Glo Germ Powder to your hands before washing to learn how well you or your employees' handwashing techniques are working.

Glo Germ is an effective tool to demonstrate handwashing, surface cleaning, hygiene, and containment techniques. Simply apply Glo Germ Lotion to your hands before washing to learn how well you or your employees' handwashing techniques are working.

This fun and safe product glows when exposed to UV light, turning the invisible lotion into "germs you can see".

Don't have a UV light? Check out our Complete Glo Germ Training Kit

Best Value- Buy two or more and save 5 percent on each.

Glo Germ Powder 1.9 ounce Refill $16.50

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I have learned a great deal of info on how to deal with children while they go through the different stages of divorce. I know that Im not the only one who experiences the different issues of divorce just by reading things I thought was only "our" proble
i have learned that the children have a huge impact on how you need to handle things and make sure they feel like its not their fault and they should always feel loved by everyone in their family both mother and fathers side
That for the sake of the child your wants, and desire's; and your disgust of the other parent must be put a side and you must pretend to like each other to solve the daily life problems of your child.