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Workplace Harassment Prevention for Managers

Harassment in the Workplace is a 2 hour self-paced online course. Students learn the issues surrounding harassment in the workplace and how to prevent a hostile work environment.

Who should take this course? The course is intended to help people in management positions train to avoid harassment in the workplace.

Cost for the online course is $29.95 per student.

Harassment Prevention Includes:

  • Multiple real-world scenarios
  • Interactive case studies and reviews
  • Addresses several types of workplace harassment and discrimination
  • For California students the course is AB 1825 compliant.
  • Certificate of Completion available immediate after completion

What Students Learn

  • This program covers the important topics and issues regarding harassment in the workplace.
  • Learn how to effectively prevent harassment issues, the factors that constitute harassment and the remedies available to harassed individuals.
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Harassment in the Workplace Online Class $29.95
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Course Fee : $ 29.95

Please note this demo video is not interactive however the course materials within the learning environment are.

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