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Food Handler Certification - DBPR Approved

Take our ANSI Accredited Online Food Handler Certification Course- Always Food Safe has partnered with HMCS Education Programs Certevia® to bring you an officially approved Food Handler Certification. All courses include National Certification which is recognized by States and Local Authorities including Health Department Inspections. Our Florida Provider Number is #8397617.

Since 2000, HMCS Education Programs Certevia is an approved provider for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

Food Handler Certification - DBPR Approved Certification Course Features:

  • Available in English & Spanish. Simply choose the language you prefer.
  • Instant Certificate- the Course is 100% Online and once completed you can Print or Email Your Certificate.
  • Video Learning which is engaging and entertaining.
  • Florida Only- we file certificate of completion with the DBPR for you.
  • Complimentary Management Account to store all certificates in one easy to use online area. Whether you have 1 or 100 locations our Account Area will allow you to keep track of every staff member's Food Safety Certificate.
Food Handler Certification - DBPR Approved Certification Enrollment Course Fees with Certificate and Wallet Cards

1 Student $10.00, 5-9 $8.75, 10-24 $8.50, Over 25 $8.00

What students learn:

The course is split into 9 chapters and explains in detail everything you need to make sure you and your customers are safe:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Food Safety & The Law
  • Chapter 2 - Food Safety Hazards – Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Chapter 3 - Allergens
  • Chapter 4 - Time & Temperature Controls
  • Chapter 5 - Principles of Safe Food Storage
  • Chapter 6 - Food Pests
  • Chapter 7 - Cleaning
  • Chapter 8 - Front of House
  • Chapter 9 - Personal Hygiene

We don't just teach you the theory, we show you how to put this into practice in your day to day life. Our experts take apart the theory and break it down into real-life situations and give you ideas in regard to implementing it into your role.Interviews with Industry Experts. Our Food Handler training is packed full of interviews with industry experts from some of the biggest food service establishments in America.

Certevia offer Food Handler Certification training for Florida students and students located in any US State.

English or Spanish

Study in English or Spanish

Please note this demo video is not interactive however the course materials within the learning environment are.

33 Years Service

Since 1990 over 33 years of service

Since 1990 over 500,000 individuals have successfully received their certificates through Certevia Education Programs.