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Evidence Based Study

Evidence Based Learning Solutions

Certevia® has published a peer reviewed, evidence based program study on our online parent education class, which is proven effective to help divorcing parents. Download the PDF Summary.

There are few evidence-based parent education programs focused on divorce even though many State Court Systems require them. Our study builds the evidence-base by using a population of parents who were court-mandated to take a parenting class as part of their divorce proceedings. We found the Certevia online parent education program increased parent knowledge of skills in effective communication and parenting immediately after the course, and parents retained their knowledge and skills months after completing the course.

You can find the published study at Taylor & Francis Online or download a copy of the accepted manuscript published by Yamaguchi & Randel here at Certevia.

Since 1990, Certevia Education Programs has issued certifications to over 500,000 students.

Video (4m, 51s): Effects of Parent Knowledge & Skills among Court-mandated Parenting Programs, Bruce Randel, PH. D.

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