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Florida Parenting Class for Divorce for married or unmarried parents


Find your County in the list above or Click on the map below. Click anywhere inside a County to Zoom in for locations.

Map Legend: Counties in Green accept online study. Counties in Blue only accept Live Classes. Markers are locations where we hold scheduled live classes (pre-registration required).

Florida DCF Approved. It's the Law (F.S. 61.21). Click here to view the Florida DCF approval letter PDF. Note: Each Judge may have their own preference so check with your court.

When parents break up in the State of Florida, the state requires both parents to complete a course like our Parenting and Divorce Class. This course is administered by Colleges and Universities throughout the nation, this means whether you take our live class or the online version of the course- you and your children will benefit the same. Find your location to check court requirements by choosing a location near to you.