Parenting & Divorce, a Guide for Married & Unmarried Parents

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Parenting & Divorce, a Guide for Married & Unmarried Parents

Parenting and Divorce, a Guide for Married and Unmarried Parents by Denise Baier- ISBN 978-0-9832083-0-3, Paperback

Parenting and Divorce is designed to help divorcing and never married parents work more cooperatively and effectively with each other while focusing on what is in the best interest of their children. It affords parents the opportunity to adopt a positive methodology for communication with each other, and with their children before, during, and after the civil court action.

Parenting and Divorce also assists parents to separate their personal conflicts from their roles as parents in recognizing that they will be in each other's lives for as long as they have children, parents can look at how mutually vital they are to their children.

First edition published 2010, full color, 48 pages.

About the Book

  • Soft Cover,
  • 48 pages,
  • for divorcing or never married parents.
  • Also available on Amazon.
Parenting & Divorce, a Guide for Married & Unmarried Parents $19.95


These are some of the many references used in creating this Parenting and Divorce Guide.

Nebraska Parenting plan References

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Denise Baier, LMHC

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How to be a better parent and help my children through this difficult time and myself.
I have learned that it is very helpful to stay focused on the childs needs and to make it as easy as possible for them and that no matter how bad things get to stay clam in front of the chils so that it does not have effects on them in the long run. This
You need to keep open communication with the other parent and the children.