Vicky Lansky's Divorce Book for Parents

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Vicky Lansky's Divorce Book for Parents

Vicki Lansky’s Divorce Book for Parents presents practical suggestions for parents who want to learn those new parenting techniques and is based on the author’s own experiences, those of other divorced parents, and the expertise of professionals. Lansky offers sensible advice for almost every issue of parenting through divorce

Lansky identifies predictable behavior parents can expect from their kids and shows how to best respond to help them through the difficult transition. She suggests lists of age-appropriate books for children to read and shares valuable information for parents on custody options, money and the legalities of divorce. There are dozen of helpful references and resources (many online) on subjects discussed in each chapter. This book is a must for parents considering or experiencing divorce.

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Denise Baier, LMHC

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I have learned how to be a better man for my daughter and my ex wife. I felt I was ahead of most being I am calm and civil, but there were points mentioned that I will have a conscience focus on to ensure my daughter grows up happy and healthy.
That divorce affects children differently at their different ages and stages. That, also, the amount of damage and hurt my children with go through may be limited if my ex-spouse and I can control our behavior and responsibly put the needs of the children
There were many very important lessons to be learned from this program, however, not showing anger to the other parent seems to be what effect the children the most. All parents should remember that when speaking to or with one another. It hurts the child