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How Will Your Children Remember You If You Die Early?

Denise Baier, LMHC Mar 08, 2019 Grief, Protecting children, Bereavement Hits: 3165

Girls At A Funeral

What can you as a parent do to help your children deal with your early death? If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness there are some great free resources that can help you with this.


Gaby Eirew suffered two big bereavements in the space of a month. The experience impelled her to find a way of prompting parents to record video messages for their children.


RecordMeNow is an app that can help parents  record messages they wish to leave to their children when it is known they are dying. The app is question-prompting and video-recording. It is also non-denominational, private and completely free.


Everyone can leave a supportive legacy for their loved ones. Children under the age of 16 were interviewed to find out what they wished their parents had answered for them.


The app was built directly from key questions that 100 people who lost their parents wished they had answers to.