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How To Be A Superhero Co-Parent To Your Child

Certevia Team May 28, 2019 Loyalty Bind, Co-Parenting, Adult Business, Mediator, Meditation, Parenting Class For Divorce Hits: 3653

Superhero Mom

 Your child looks up to you as a superhero for only a short time. Keep these tips in mind to make sure your child views you as the co-parenting superhero you are.

  1. Make sure to always put your kids first, example: You have plans because it is your weekend off on the co-parenting plan and your co-parent calls and tells you of an unexpected work emergency. You must show your child that they are more important to you by breaking those plans and picking the child up right away.
  2. Do not argue with your co-parent in front of your child, keep in mind that your child will feel pulled to take the side of one parent over the other. This is called a loyalty bind and it is not a good feeling for your child to have.
  3. Keep the adult business to yourself, things like money, medical, or personal issues should not be discussed with your children. Make sure your conversations revolve around your children’s concerns. Kids love to talk about themselves and encouraging positive conversations about their business will keep them happy.
  4. When you are unable to come to an agreement with your co-parent you must find an independent resource such as a mediator to help you work out your differences. Your children don’t need to know that you are having difficulties, they are already sensitive to the emotions occurring around them.

These are just a few tips to help your kids see you as a superhero of co-parenting. Remember, children need to always be the center of attention. This will make life easier for you, your co-parent, and most importantly; your children.

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