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Girl meditating on beach

Cool Your Jets-Top 5 Meditation Apps for Divorcing Parents

Posted by Amy Tags: Parenting and Divorce, Meditation, Insight Timer, Aura, Omvana Meditation, Stop, Breathe & Think, Calm Oct 22, 2018 Hits: 1605

Five Meditation Apps to help parents keep calm and learn Mindful techniques.

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Son and Mom sitting on a rock looking sad

When Your Sadness Hurts Your Children During a Divorce

Posted by Amy Tags: Grief, Meditation, Sadness, Parenting and Divorce, Protecting children Oct 22, 2018 Hits: 393

Techniques to help you avoid hurting your children with your sadness during a divorce.

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man driving car

Keep Adult Relationship Problems Separate During a Divorce.

Posted by Amy Tags: Protecting children, Adult Business, Parenting and Divorce Oct 05, 2018 Hits: 307

To protect your children during a divorce, they should not hear you argue over who will take care of them, who knows best what they need, or what you do in your spare time.

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Cleveland State Community College Online Parenting Divorce Class

Certevia Launches Cleveland State Parenting & Divorce Class

Posted by Amy Tags: Cleveland State Community College, Online Class, Parenting and Divorce Oct 02, 2018 Hits: 306

Online Class helps Married or Never Married Parents learn to effectively co-parent after divorce

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