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Help us understand if online games can help children after separation and divorce!
 Help us Understand if online games can help

What is this project about? This project is testing new online games to learn if they help children ages 9-12 feel better when conflict happens after parental separation and divorce.

Why is it called Project Brain Team? The online games teach children about the brain and how they can learn to work with their "Brain Team" to deal with tough thoughts and feelings!

My child is between ages9-12 - can I join the project? If your child is between ages 9-12, you are separated/divorced from their other parent, and they are not currently in therapy or counseling, you might be a good match for the project!

Okay, I'm interested - what are the next steps? There are 3 steps to learn if you are eligible for the project.

  • Step 1: Pre-Screen: The pre-screen step is a brief survey that asks about your children's ages, whether you are separated or divorced from their other parent, and how we can reach out you tell you more about the project. It should take 5 minutes. Based on your answers to the pre-screen, you may be invited to attend a Zoom meeting with a member of our research team. You will notreceive an electronic gift card for the pre-screen step.

  • Step 2: Screen:The screen step is a Zoom meeting with you, your child, and a member of our team. You will also be asked to answer survey questions about your interactions with your child’s other parent and your child’s feelings and behaviors. It should take about 2 hours. You and your child will each receive a $10 electronic gift card for attending the Zoom meeting.

  • Step 3: Enroll:The enroll step is for families who are eligible for the project. If you and your child decide to enroll, youwill be asked to respond to surveys about how your child is doing since the separation/divorce. Your child will be asked to:

    1. play online games that teach tools to deal with tough thoughts and feelings

    2. answer questions about what they thought of the games and how it's going practicing the new tools learned in the games

    3. answer questions on the phone, an app, and online surveys about things that have happened since the separation/divorce.

Will we be compensated for this project? Yes! You and your child will receive electronic gift cards as a thank-you for answering our questions. Your child will also get prizes for doing project activities, like online games and surveys. Before you agree to participate, you will learn exactly how you and your child earn e-gift cards and prizes in this project.

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